Lou-Andréa Lassalle
Octobre à décembre 2015

From October to December 2015, the Contemporary Art Center invites the artist Lou-Andréa Lassalle to do a res­i­dency with the schools of Embrun and Eygliers.

Three classes are con­cerned: CE1-CE2 stu­dents from the Pasteur school (Embrun), CM2 from the Cézanne school (Embrun), and CE1-CE2 from the Eygliers school. With them, she tackles sub­jects specific to her work as an artist: the writing of fic­tion, the fan­tastic, the resti­tu­tion of these sto­ries through per­for­mances and exhi­bi­tions.

His res­i­dency thus takes place under sev­eral tem­po­ral­i­ties. The first ses­sions are devoted to the devel­op­ment of the story (in this case, a battle between dol­phins and wolves), the sketch on paper of the ele­ments of the per­for­mance-show and the exhi­bi­tions, their real­iza­tion, and the staging. pieces.

Children follow the entire pro­cess of cre­ation, from its con­cep­tion to its resti­tu­tion. From the start of the res­i­dency, they accom­pa­nied the artist in his pho­to­graphic loca­tions to col­lect frag­ments of the scenery for their show or exhi­bi­tion.

In Embrun
The artist is preparing with the stu­dents an exhi­bi­tion to be deployed in the shops of down­town Embrun. She pre­sents their joint achieve­ments: paper and card­board sets inspired by the­atrical set­tings. The chil­dren thus gleaned here and there archi­tec­tural ele­ments that ulti­mately made up a fan­tastic envi­ron­ment inhab­ited by dol­phins and wolves.

In Eygliers
Based on the mil­i­tary his­tory of Mont-Dauphin, the artist works with the stu­dents to create a puppet show, inspired by Indonesian shadow pup­pets, relating a battle between dol­phins and wolves. The chil­dren, after having written the screen­play, together with the artist create the var­ious card­board char­ac­ters and design the staging.
Several rehearsals are planned before the per­for­mance on Sunday, December 13, 2015, at 3 p.m.